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Here Are Three Power Packed Seminars 
From Michael Phillips

The Eyes Have It!  Imagine This: Someone you've never met looks into the colored part of your eyes and gives you an amazingly accurate description of your personality, talents and gifts. They also tell you information about your early childhood that only could be known by reading your soul. They even describe the personality of your spouse and what the two of you are really learning from each other! Then, before you can recover from your astonishment, you realize that a roadmap of your life and family history can be seen in your eyes.

The saying; "The eyes are the window to the soul" suddenly has new meaning and importance. This material is fresh, exciting and something everyone wants to know more about. This is a two day seminar.  

New Decision Therapy  Based on the work of Kandis Blakely and John Diamond, MD, this work is done while looking into a mirror and locating key moments in time where your life energy was compromised; such as the death of a loved one or experiencing a divorce. When this happens our painful emotions hide deep inside the body and create stress on organs and glands sometimes to such an extent that problems begin to appear. New Decision Therapy teaches you how to let go of painful emotions and make a new decision today to live the life you want.

If this program doesn't work for you, nothing will. You could buy books or CDs but people don't change just by reading or listening. If you have problems, you need more than information. You need personal guidance, and a detailed, structured plan. This is a one day seminar.  

Monastery of Herbs An herb company that hand-processes and re-energizes herbals to vibrational standards similar to Dr. Emoto's water crystals theory... Over 50 years in the business, our formulas are said to be energetic beyond anything ever seen in the market place today. Learn Circuit Testing and how to use Herbals at a whole new level. This is a one day seminar.  

If You'd Like To Sponsor A Seminar, You Can Attend for free! Just Ask, And We Will Help Guide You.

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