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Welcome to the Monastery of Herbs.

 The Monastery of Herbs is looking for people who want to do ground breaking research as specialists dealing with Viruses, Bacterias, Fungi and Parasites. This is a rare speciality and one sorely needed. The information in this web site when mastered, will make you a desired speaker and sought after professional knowing more than some who like to think they know a lot! We can and do support you in this endeavor if that is your wish. 

Michael is available for questions each day at 11:00 AM pacific time or 5:30 PM pacific time M-F. Please make an effort to call each day until you get through. We do not return phone calls due to the enormous volume of calls. Also be aware we do not take calls before 9:00 AM each day. 

To order product for Professional Herbalists/Doctors/Muscle Testers, you will need to know how to choose the correct herb from the Monastery of Herbs catalog. The correct products are chosen through Muscle Testing. Any school of Applied Kinesiology will be effective, although the "Monastery Test" appears to be the one of the most accurate. To find out more, contact us. 

Note: Most professionals like to keep their own "Stock Supply" of Herbal Sets. This way they can give them out right away before the client changes their mind (as they sometimes do) Many professionals like to keep in stock certian herbal sets that are ALWAYS coming up on the muscle tests. Check the Emergency Herbals list below this paragraph to find out what they are. 

Keep 3-4 of each of the following on hand:

#156 B-YX   May be used in all cases of infection.

#153 B-Strepb May be used in cases of bacterial infections.

#152 B-Staph  May be used in cases of bacterial infections.

#22 or #26  May be used in cases of Hepatitis “A”, for older mutation use # 26
As a general support for the liver to help fight off all kinds of disease and improve liver
function. Supporting healthy liver function can do more to help the body than using a lot
of other products. If you can get the liver on track first then you will be able to be more
effective treating other problems.