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      Monastery of Herbs

A Dietary Herbal Supplements Manufacturer
Established in 1960.

We are committed to blending superior herbal products for successful vibrational healing. 

Our belief that you must access each virus, bacteria, fungus or parasite as a separate energy pattern. Our herbs do not suppress symptoms but slowly build up the healing energy to a very high vibration. 

Manufacturing with what we call vibrational methods, this means that we are more interested in the total vibrational healing that can come from a blend of herbs rather than from the individual herbs themselves. We believe that it is best to have the herbs working together as interactive partners in support of the body’s tissues, glands and immune function, because viruses, bacteria and other pathogens have been mutating and getting stronger. Also the world plant stock (herbs) is not as strong as it used to be due to over-harvesting and environmental pollutants. Single herbs and blends of 3-4 herbs are much less effective dealing with pathogens than our blends of 6 to 12 herbs. 

We recommend an easy 18-day program rather than having to take herbs or teas for months or years as in many other nutritional support programs. The intention of our herbs is to boost the immune and tissue systems so they will function optimally. 
Monastery of Herbs provides three types of herbal products. 
Herbal blends: A combination of 3 to 16 Chinese, and other international herbs in vegetable capsules sold in bottles of 100. 

Tinctures: A Liquid base of alcohol or vinegar combined with herbs, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. 

Sets: The pairing of one bottle of encapsulated herbs together with 1 or 2 tinctures, taken at the same time. A practitioner should be consulted for guidance about which products to take and how to take them. Medical doctors and nutritional counselors have been using many of our products since 1960 and find them very effective. If you want the very best we think you will be pleased with Monastery of Herbs products.