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                                  Jon Buratti N.D. 

One particular case he likes to mention is that his mother was diagnosed over 
20 years ago with a permanent condition of a heart murmur. With 5 sets of herbals 
that his mother¹s muscle test showed she wanted, her murmur has completely left. At her latest physical exam her MD listened to her heart and then called in two nurses to also listen to her heart. He told her that her life-long murmur was gone and that she did not have to get any more antibiotics before her routine dental exams. She was glad about the news as the "horse pill" antibiotic was always upsetting to her system. 

When visiting Jon at his private office in Burbank, California, you can bring along some of the remedies you are already taking, either prescription or other herbal products. Please bring a maximum of 10 remedies only. Some remedies may test weak for you at the time even though it is a good formula. Neurokinesiology will tell us if your body will be helped or not by the substances you are already taking. A good example is that most men do not need to take any iron supplement -- but if their body needs iron, it will show up on the muscle test-meridian check. 

Neurological Circuit Testing 

This is a type of "Muscle check" that is done to determine what kind of herbal products are needed for the body to heal itself. Clients are tested from four basic categories covering over 166 different viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. Testing is done by telephone or in-person. 
Whitley Langston
Neuro Bodyscan 

Neuro bodyscan is a technique that uses intuitive skills to see the body at a distance, i.e., Edgar Casey. A body systems intuitive can sometimes see things that have been layered deep in the physical body for a long time. Several hours are put into preparing the information for you. Information covers mental/emotional and spiritual aspects of your life path. With insights on how to overcome many of the modern challenges in today's world. This is a new and fresh perspective! About 45 minutes.
Whitley can be contacted at 626.798.8870 between 
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST, Monday thru Friday. 

Monastery of Herbs is proud to mention their latest neurokinesiologist, Jon Albert Buratti, ND, D.Hom. He has received extensive training by the Monastery and has used most of the products offered by this healing company. "Jon" has worked extensively helping his clients to rid themselves of both chronic and acute conditions. His method of muscle testing, as taught to him by Michael Phillips, has proved quite successful in helping alleviate the causes of life-long illnesses.
Call Jon at 818.848.7414 
Get Your Life Back On Track Today. 
He has convenient night and weekend hours. 
He can also help you over the telephone. 

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